Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Quick update

We've tried to fit a lot of stuff into the last few weeks - spending time as our sweet family of three and letting Gray have some fun experiences in between getting the house ready for a new family member.  Here are some pictures!

Left over cupcakes from Steph's shower

He loved the blue icing

Gray was on the phone with baby brother Kiran :)

Wingstop Dinner

He didn't quite get it - which makes it funnier

Waiting for the Dart - headed to the state fair

Kids area at the fair

Our first look at the new Big Tex

Petting zoo area at the fair - someone was VERY excited

Gray was tired of our shopping trip at this point

Shopping for the perfect costume - we decided against Mickey

Friday, October 24, 2014

37 Weeks

Well, I made it to full term this time, and let me just say, its hard.  For the last two weeks I have had really bad sciatic nerve pain that keeps me from walking comfortably and is making my sleep harder as well.  I made it to the weekly doctor visits which aren't anything fun - just a quick trip in, hear the heartbeat and then go on with my day.  Baby Kiran is still moving quite a bit, my blood pressure is totally fine, and I just started swelling over the last week or so. I think Kiran is going to stick around for a while longer, but I sure wouldn't be opposed to him coming...tomorrow!  Hint Hint baby K!

We took a few pictures this week of my full term tummy (37 weeks, 2 days)

G was being a stinker and wouldn't let us take his picture kissing Kiran - so this is the best we got. 

We've been doing a lot of work around the house for the past few weeks trying to get it all ready for baby.  This weekend we are going to finish cleaning out some things, organize and decorate his 'wall' and then I think we'll feel ready for his pending arrival.  I'll post pictures when it is all done!

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Nesting or organizing a filthy house?

We have been looking at different toy bin organizers for the last month trying to figure out what would work best for our needs.  On somewhat of a whim, I checked craigslist and found a great deal!  A cute toy organizer, a great price ($15!!), and the seller lived near my parents - I couldn't have hoped for anything better when I searched.  Since this weekend was kind of a get-it-done weekend, we cleaned up our new find and organized all of the toys into a corner of the living room.  We are really happy with how it turned out.  What do you think?

Over the holiday weekend, we also finished our baby registry, bought a big boy bed for Gray, and cleaned out a lot more clutter from our guest room.  The house is nowhere near how I want it yet, but we made some great progress!

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Nursery II

I am trying to come up with nursery ideas for baby boy that will incorporate most of the items that we already have.  I have been drawn to a lot of the nautical themed nurseries that I have seen and feel like I could add a few key pieces that would turn what we already have into a cute space. Since we are planning on putting the crib in our room for the short time that we will be living in this house (about 8 months of his life), there is not much space to decorate.  We are mainly looking into wall decor for above the crib - either a decal or wooden letters/decor - and perhaps a crib blanket, pillow, or rug.

This is what we're starting with in regards to the bedding from Gray's bed:
3 Crib sheets
The crib skirt that we have is still the one that I made for Gray, along with the same crib.
Gray seersucker
I found the following clothes hamper at Home Goods and bought it recently - my first purchase for the new "nursery"
Now, we need to figure out decor - I saw these at Buy Buy Baby, but I didn't purchase them yet - we still aren't sure exactly what we want to have on the wall yet.
I think the colors we'll go with will be gray (due to the bedding we already have), blue (light and navy) and perhaps a pop of orange.  Let me know if you see something we shouldn't live without!

Quick Trip

Grayson and I went on a quick weekend trip to Lubbock with my parents to visit my grandparents last weekend.  It takes around 6 hours to get there, and I was a little apprehensive about how Gray would do in the car the whole time.  I am so happy to say that he was a CHAMP!  I had purchased a movie for him to watch on the IPAD if he got too bored, but there was a technical problem on the way there, so he couldn't watch the movie or any of the Disney shows that we own, and thankfully, it wasn't a problem.

Gray jammed out to "Old McDonald" about 20 times on the way there
 We got to Lubbock really late Friday night, and after playing with a few of the toys at my grandparent's house, it was bedtime.  Saturday morning was Bailee's birthday (my cousin's little girl) so we celebrated with a large breakfast.  We went to the grocery store later that morning and Gray found a shopping cart that was just his size.
That afternoon, Bailee opened her gifts and then her mommy let Grayson play with the bag:

We left Lubbock around noon on Sunday after having brunch with the family at my grandparent's favorite local joint.  I remembered to ask for a picture of Grayson with his grandparents and great-grandparents before we left the restaurant.  Grayson wasn't super cooperative, but at least I have an updated picture of him with my family.
My Nana and Gangan are Gray's only great-grandparents, so we love it when he is able to spend time with them.  Love them to pieces!

Thursday, July 24, 2014

23 and 24 Weeks

I had my last ObGyn appointment last Tuesday and we discussed some options for Peabody since we had expressed a little concern in Grayson's preterm delivery.  We have not had any 'scares' or indications that this pregnancy will result in the same, but a previous preterm birth is a risk factor. We decided that I would go in for steroid shots during my 24th week (1 a day for 2 days in a row) that will result in maturing the baby's lungs as a preventative measure.  Grayson was with us and we had told him that he would get to hear baby brother's heartbeat, but the Dr. made it even more special by letting Gray be his little helper!  He let Gray hold the fetal heart monitor and push the power button to turn it on and off.  He loved it!  When we got home from the appointment, he decided (all on his own, mind you!) that he needed to hear the heartbeat again:

23 Weeks

Before I went in for the second shot today, we took some 24 week pictures